Tunia's Diary

The outfit

19 October 2013

A special thanks goes to Anomie (visit them at www.anomie.it) for the great work they did, and especially to Silvia for her patience and for managing to read our minds when we were not really clear about our ideas!
What do we mean?
We are referring to the wine’s “outfit”: the labels, corks and capsules.
It wasn’t easy; we had to blend a mixture of visions and sensations that could go together, but which were very different.
Francesca and I– who are more “bucolic” – were looking for something “natural” while Andrea ,who is more technological, wanted a drier more minimal style. The result was that we swung from a rural/pastoral effect, such as a “cart with oxen and cypress in the background” to something totally impersonal  like a “total black” label with a shiny logo!
Luckily we were given good advice, and this is the final outcome:

We are very proud of the little “tongue” that you can remove from the back label and keep to remember the name of the wine cellar after drinking such an excellent wine… the idea, at least, is to help those that appreciate us to remember our name!
We were inspired by a south-west wind blowing in from Sardinia  (talking of which: a hug for  Marilena who is also our official consultant for corks), but we’ve since been told that the idea of a detachable portion on the label is also widely used by wine companies in South Africa, so if you come across one let us know.
Every outfit has to have the right accessories, so here are the cork and capsule:

Just as we took it for granted that a quality product was fundamental, so we were equally convinced that a beautiful body has to properly dressed.
That’s the reason why we devoted much Good luck and happy spinning!Follow us!Be up-to-date with new free slots daily. time and energy to choosing the right look for our wines as we are certain that the image can help to transmit our values.
The look of all the products will be very similar, with only slight details changing here and there. All the bottles have to be of the same family as well (dark Bordeaux truncated cone bottles), as long as the suppliers assist us and we are able to find one that covers all the different capacities.
Don’t think that is as easy as it sounds!
The wine bottles are 0,750, but also 0.375: with breath tests and the economic crisis no-one wants to buy a larger bottle and then drink it all down – or, of course, leave half of it!
Then there’s the oil …and what do you do? Doesn’t that involve a half litre bottle? And the Vin Santo? What do you do about that ? And the Grappa? The law requires bottles that are either 0.350 or half litre …
In short, chaos!
Still for now we have managed, and here’s our baby!