Chiarofiore 2012

Harvest and vinification
We have 4 different harvests.
The first one is at the beginning of September: we pick the Trebbiano when it isn’t perfectly ripe in order to have a wine with a big acidity. During the fermentation we don’t have contact with the skins.
The second one is around the 10th of October: we pick the Vermentino when it is perfectly ripe. The fermentation is done with the skins for about one week.
The third one isat the end of September: we pick the Trebbiano when it is perfectly ripe. Olso for this harvest the fermentation is done with the skins.
The last one is a later harvest, done at the beginning of November: we pick the last part of Trebbiano. At this stage, the grapes are slightly dry and a part of them is affected by noble rot (Botrytis cinerea).
These four harvests are vinified separately, only in steel.
In steel on the lees for 12 months, followed by a further 6 months in bottles.

Oenologist’s notes
Chiarofiore 2012 has an intense and harmonic aroma; in the mouth, the slight sweetness – given from the late harvest and from having completed malolactic fermentation – is made pleasant by strong acidity and minerality.
The advice is to drink it pretty cool, but not so cold, around 14 degrees. It is a white wine that can certainly last over time.

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