Vin Santo

100% Trebbiano
Produced with organic farming methods
Year of Planting

Select year: 2009

This wine is not yet available as it is finishing its ageing.

The grapes were harvested at the end of September, and only the bunches suitable for drying were selected: healthy, small and not too compact. On harvesting they were laid in small boxes containing no more than 1 kg of grapes each to avoid damage.

Throughout this phase the grapes were checked periodically and their position was changed to guarantee that drying was uniform and to protect them from harmful moulds.
Half the grapes were dried from September to February, while the other half was left until April.

Fermentation and ageing
The must obtained was obviously very concentrated given the length of the drying period, and was decanted to remove impurities and then placed in 56 L oak barrels. The phases of fermentation and then the ageing, which according to the standards cannot last less than three years, began here.