About us

Both biologist and oenologist, Francesca is the beating heart of Tunia and is in charge of production.

“My job means I am in contact  with the farm workers every day, all men, and they have a slightly different idea of what the woman’s role is compared to mine…. It also means I have the opportunity to live in a wonderful setting and watch things improving before my eyes. It certainly means there are always anxious moments when  the wine is blended, but at the same time there is the feeling of pride that I experience when both I, and the others, like what I have produced.”

is the brain of the business: with her economics degree, she is in charge of the commercial side.

“Before throwing myself body and soul, and brain, in this venture I used to work in Milan in the banking world. For many people I represented a dream come true: l gave up everything to go and live in the country. Actually, my work has not changed that much: I spend hours in front of the computer trying to get the figures to work out and with the telephone ringing continuously; but there is really nothing quite as rewarding as committing yourself to the production of your own product.”

is the entrepreneur, who does the running around and enables the dreams and projects to become reality by covering the financial side.

“I’ve learned this much: whatever investment you are offered will have a higher return than wine! But when you are faced with a challenge from two girls who are willing to risk everything you can’t refuse. Especially if their determination is matched only by their inexperience in business! In short, my job is to find the money that they then spend as they see fit. But I am repaid time over by taking on a difficult challenge that is being tackled with a product of quality.”