In 2008 we fulfilled a dream: to create something entirely ours.
And so TUNIA was born and with it came our wines, spirits and oil. The ingredients that were assembled were the 40-year-old vineyards, our enthusiasm and skills,  topped off with respect for what we have.
Now you tell us if we have created something worthwhile.

Tunia’s products: wines, spirit, oil


Sangiovese, Colorino, CanaioloAn elegant and lively wine


Trebbiano e VermentinoSapid and acid, with a strong aroma and powerful in the mouth


Cabernet SauvignonA foreigner that has settled well in Tuscany

Vin Santo

A tribute to Tuscan traditions, produced with scientific rigour


Carefully produced from Vin Santo pomace by the Distilleria Nannoni


Hand-picked and cold-pressed in the very modern Paggetti olive mill