Tunia's Diary

The beginning

19 October 2013

Usually when you are thinking of starting out from scratch again the family steps in to make you see sense.
I thinks I need a new bunch of relatives, because the ones I have gave me a little too much encouragement…
Indeed, not only did they not try to dissuade me but they came in on the company when we took the big step.
I am referring to my friend Chiara and my brother, Andrea, who on our visit to the “wonderful” vineyard that I wanted to buy (12 hectares of very old vines, that were practically abandoned, and a further 3 hectares of younger vines, that were equally abandoned) , instead of taking me home to measure my temperature, suggested we also buy the “valuable” ruin to become our company’s headquarters.

What could I do? Backing out is not in my character, so I rolled up my sleeves and I got down to work on the vineyard. Initially I had to work on the ground and see to the poles and wires that support the plants; then came the planting of new cuttings (the small vines) where they were missing and then fertilisation and pruning aimed at restoring the balance in the vines.
Even if they have not yet reached their best condition, these vines are giving me much satisfaction, and I believe they are grateful that someone is finally looking after them.